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Law and Regulation Cosmetic Control Group
Laws and Regulations
The Cosmetic Committee
By the section 10 of Cosmetic Act B.E. 2535 (1992), the Cosmetic Committee is responsible for providing the suggestions or recommendations to the Minister of Public Health on matters pertaining to cosmetics. The Committee is also responsible for providing advice or opinions on registration and revocation of registration of specially controlled cosmetics as well as all other issues concerning cosmetic regulations.

The Listings of Cosmetic Ingredis
Ingredis are the key to cosmetic safety control. Hence, ingredis are revised, studied and considered before being approved by the Cosmetic Committee. The maximum allowable concration of each ingredi is designated and issued as a Ministerial Notification. There are five listings of cosmetic ingredis designated, namely prohibited substances, specially controlled substances, controlled substances, colorants and preservatives.

Prohibited substances are the ingredis that must not form as part of cosmetic products except under the conditions laid down. Any products found to contain prohibited substances will be banned and confiscated. Consequly, the person responsible for placing such products on the market will be charged with distribution of hazardous products.

Specially controlled substances are the ingredis that may cause a seriously harmful effect to human health if the used concrations exceed the maximum allowable levels and the products are used carelessly or inappropriately other than indicated.

Controlled substances are the ingredis that may cause harmful effects if the used concrations exceed the maximum allowable levels.

The instructions for use of specially controlled ingredis or controlled ingredis will indicate the type of pre-marketing approvals for which the products are applied as described in pre-marketing activities.
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